3D Connector for Printing, Club Handle Adaptation for Diabolo Sticks

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I’m excited to share a DIY project I’ve been working on, we printed an adaptor to use Club Juggling Handles to diabolo sticks. Thanks to Zé from The Rite Studio that made the draw and the printing of the connectors. We’ve crafted two practical printing parts, curious?

Originally, I experimented with wood and with garden hose, but now, with these printed connectors, the setup works even better, the handle stay steady and firm making my throws more precises. Stick around and print your diabolo sticks connectors.

Download the Files to adapt play handles

Excited to give it a shot? I’ve got you covered. Click the button below to download the printing files. It’s time to take your juggling game to another places.

How to use the connectors on your diabolo sticks

But basically we crafted two essential printing parts to seamlessly adapt Play Juggling handles to my diabolo stick that go in the top and at the bottom of a club handle cutter around 16 cm.

Yo don’t see it clear of how to put it all together?
Check our article of how to make your juggling diabolo sticks to see how to use this prints.

Why I Opted for Play Juggling Handles in My Diabolo Setup

You might be wondering why I went for Play Juggling handles. They sell clubs by parts so you can only buy what you need. The plastic that Play provides is an excellent blend of comfort, control, and customization, and they have lots of colors, including pastel ones.

Here’s why I picked Play Juggling handles for my diabolo setup:

  • Club Knob: I Use Tondo for the It’s lighter and thinner than Piatto.
  • Club Handles: Go for either Quantum or Sirius. Since you’ll be cutting them to around 16 cm, the length doesn’t matter in this case.
  • Handle Shape:I ussualy use smooth, but you can choose between smooth or wrapped shapes based on your preference.

Show Off Your Upgrade!

Once you’ve adapted your diabolo sticks, I’d love to see your creations. Share your photos on social media using #diabolojugglingsticks, so we can keep in touch.

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