Hi diabolo geeks, some time ago, I did a playlist with music that I like to help me train 3 diabolo siteswaps, in this playlist you can find some music that has strong rhythms that you can follow during your diabolo training session, so you don’t get lost in the rhythm.

Check this sound track, tell me what you think about it

Appropriate music to juggle diabolo siteswaps ← PlayList

Choosing good music can help you train better

The type of music that you choose for juggling can help you stay focused and energized, while also providing a rhythm to help keep the pattern. Many jugglers prefer to use music with a steady beat, such as techno or house music, as this can help them maintain their rhythm. I like to train with electronic music that is interesting and has variations and details. This playlist is all about this concept, bringing to you good artists that make electronic music that will keep you looking to the sky.

Practice with music, enjoy this palyist!

Dídac Gilabert
Posted by:Dídac Gilabert

Dídac Gilabert is a juggler and the creative force behind the troposfera.xyz project. He has been using juggling as a tool for introspection and reflection for long time. Dídac's juggling style combine technical precision with artistic expression to create a captivating and thought-provoking performance. Dídac is also deeply engaged in researching juggling theory and his insights have been the core of troposfera.xyz's reclaiming juggling as a unique art form.

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