Comparing Sundia Evo Diabolos A Personal Opinion and In-Depth Comparison

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Selecting the perfect diabolo can tricky, especially with so many options available. Today, I’d like to focus on the Sundia Evo, I’ve been using Sundia for at least 10 years now, compare diabolos help me to understand what I like when I juggle. I always invest time on this so I thought it could help some on if is write my reflections here.

I get how crucial it is to find that perfect diabolo that clicks with your juggling style and what you love. I hope the following data points you towards the diabolo that fits you. But if you have the opportunity to try them in the same conditions, do it, your feeling will always be the best option to choose your props. Remember to use your sticks when you test diabolos, the weight relationship between the diabolo and the sticks affects all your game, so keep it in mind before you choose.

Comparing Weight: Sundia Diabolos with Heavy and Stability Rings

To make things easier, I’ve put together a comparison table of the weight of various Sundia diabolos, both with Stability Rings and with Heavy Rings. This way, you can easily compare the weight of each model and select the one that best suits your style and preferences. I weight my diabolos, all in the same balance.

Table of Sundia Diabolos weight with fixed axle

Diabolo Model and ColorWith with Stability RingsWeight With Heavy Rings
Sundia G2 Soft White237g243g
Sundia G2 Soft Orange223g239g
Sundia G3 Soft Red244g258g
Sundia G3 Hard Orange245g259g

Table of Sundia Diabolos weight with a 5 bearing axle

Diabolo Model and ColorWith with Stability RingsWeight With Heavy Rings
Sundia G2 Soft White267g273g
Sundia G2 Soft Orange253g279g
Sundia G3 Soft Red274g288g
Sundia G3 Hard Orange275g289g

Here you have some of the diabolos weight after using them

I’ve weighed my diabolos under identical conditions for accuracy and fairness in the assessment.

I’m always interested in hearing about the preferences of other jugglers. So, what is your favorite diabolo to use? Have you tried the Sundia EVO G2 & G3 in both hard and soft versions or perhaps other diabolos caught your attention? Share your experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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