FiraTàrrega 2023 is just around the corner, and we’ll be there at the Pro space as we are every year. In 2023, we aim to build new bridges and are eager to showcase our new projects, such as Polychromaitc Void, and our juggling research workshops. What are we looking forward to at FiraTàrrega 2023?

What are we looking forward to at FiraTàrrega 2023?

At FiraTàrrega 2023, our main intention is to connect with other members of the artistic community. This event is an opportunity to share our passion and establish new bonds and collaborations.

Networking and Connections

FiraTàrrega is not just an opportunity to showcase our work but also to connect with other artists, cultural managers, and art enthusiasts. We want to meet new people with similar passions and interests and explore new avenues of collaboration.

What do we would like to share with you?

Our performances are the result of many hours of work and passion, and apart from that, we also conduct workshops so that everyone can be part of the artistic experience.

A Hybrid Generative Experience for Your Festival

Polychromatic Void is a generative performance that combines juggling, animation, and music. This experience unfolds simultaneously in analog and digital formats.

Currently, we are in the project phase, seeking initial contacts with venues where we can carry out experiments and test our ideas, shaping a new format. If possible, we hope to find individuals interested in supporting the project on an ongoing basis.

Explore Juggling with Us, Workshops and Laboratories

Our ongoing research drives us to explore new dimensions in the juggling universe, experimenting to enhance our understanding of this art and uncover new forms of expression that we want to share, both in workshops and laboratories. Here you can view our workshops and get in touch if you’d like to collaborate.

Would you like to stay more connected with us?

If you’re interested in our work and want to stay informed, the best way to keep up with what we do is as follows:

I look forward to meeting you in Tàrrega and having quality time to share our ideas and projects. It will be a perfect opportunity to connect and collaborate.

See you soon!

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