Flat Orbits


A YouTube video of diabolo juggler that improvise with flat orbits and north winds, that atmosphere is cold and icy, and there is a tense calm that you can feel.

The Flat Orbits Poem

In the winds of north, it spins and swirls,
Orbits flat, its beauty unfurls.
Icy air, calm and tense,
Juggler’s grace, a sight immense.

In white and blue, the background blends,
The diabolo, a fiery gem ascends.
An unheard music, it dances and flows,
Tossed and caught, its beauty glows.

The juggler moves with grace and ease,
The diabolo, a floating tease.
A calm, a peace, a mesmerizing show,
The diabolo dances, and we watch and glow.

Poem by The Automatic Juggler
Labs » How My Head Works

Dídac Gilabert

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