How many diabolo battles could have been avoided?

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The world of art is no stranger to competition, with dance-offs, painting competitions, got talents, and now, even diabolo battles. However, is this the right approach to take when it comes to an art form that is all about individual expression and creativity? In this article, we explore the negative impact that diabolo battles can have on the art of juggling and suggest a more collaborative and expressive approach to using the diabolo.

Diabolo battles have become increasingly common, with participants competing against each other in a bid to show off their skills and beat their opponents. However, this approach is counterproductive as it diminishes the artistic value of the diabolo and could creates an unhealthy atmosphere of rivalry within the diabolo community. Instead of focusing on competition and rivalry, diabolo should be used as a tool for artistic expression, where each artist can showcase their unique style and technique.

The value of diabolo lies in its individual expression and creativity, making it an art form that should not be used solely for competition purposes. Instead of focusing on diabolo battles, jugglers should explore the possibilities of improvisation and collaboration. Jazz jam sessions are an excellent example of how collaboration can lead to the creation of something unique and beautiful, where musicians come together to improvise and build something together, rather than competing against each other. By adopting this approach to diabolo, jugglers can come together to create something new and exciting, building on each other’s ideas and letting creativity flow.

It is important to remember that diabolo is not just a game or a toy. It is an art form that requires skill, dedication, and practice. Instead of focusing on competition, we encourage diabolo enthusiasts to explore the possibilities of improvisation and collaboration through diabolo jams. By collaborating instead of competing, new ideas and artistic expressions can be explored, while respecting and valuing the diabolo as a tool for artistic expression. Remember, diabolo is more than just a simple game or toy – it is an art that deserves to be appreciated and valued by all.


Dídac Gilabert

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