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Diabolo sticks hold a special place in the heart of any diabolo player, not only as essential tools but also as canvases for personal creativity. Why settle for store-bought sticks when you can embark on the fulfilling journey of crafting your own, adding a unique touch to your game?

Personally, I made the choice to stop purchasing diabolo sticks long ago and instead enjoy the process of creating my own. In 2009, I crafted a pair that has retained its impeccable condition over the years. This experience has reinforced my preference for homemade sticks, and I would love to share with you.

Video of how to make diabolo sticks

Here a video of the process of making diabolo sticks, along with a list of all the materials you will need. If you find the tutorial helpful, your support and appreciation would mean a lot to me. Feel free to show some love if you enjoy it! ☺

Materials you’ll need:

The total cost of diabolo sticks, when made by oneself, should be around €4 per pair.

Making a diabolo juggling stick step by step

  • Step 1: Using a hacksaw, cut the fiberglass tube to your desired length. A good starting length is around 30cm, but this will depend on your personal preference and the type of tricks you want to do.
  • Step 2: Cut the brass tube to a length of about 1cm. This will be used to reinforce the end of the fiberglass tube and prevent it from breaking.
  • Step 3: Slide the brass tube over the end of the fiberglass tube.
  • Step 4: Use a file or sandpaper to widen the hole in the fiberglass tube where you inserted the brass tube. This will make it easier to insert the drip connector in the next step.
  • Step 5: Insert the drip connector into the widened hole.
  • Step 6: Cut a 15 cm length of latex tube or hose and insert the other end of the fibreglass tube. This will serve as the handle for your diabolo stick.

Congratulations, you’ve now made your own diabolo stick! Repeat the process for the second stick and you’re ready to start practicing your tricks.

Want to get some sticks to do more specific tricks? If you’re a diabolo player looking to improve your juggling style, consider trying out juggling sticks with bigger handles like these. You may find that they reduce muscle tension and stress during your training sessions. Check this article to learn how to make your own diabolo juggling sticks.

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