Reflections on Juggling Backpacks Choosing the Right One for You

Reflections on Juggling Backpacks BLOG by Didac Gilabert »

As a juggler, I know that one of the most important things when performing is having all the equipment organized and on hand. That’s why today I want to talk to you about the backpacks I use to transport my juggling equipment.

Currently, I use photography backpacks to carry my juggling equipment, but I still feel a certain nostalgia for not using my Pinza’t backpacks as much, which were my faithful companions for many years. For this reason, I am in the process of defining how I want to organize my ideal backpack and asking Pinza’t to make a custom one with a design from one of the artists they collaborate with. This personalized project excites me a lot because I feel that these backpacks are essential in my artistic life.

In addition, Pinza’t has already collaborated with us in the past, creating the backpack we used for the Dame du Cirque show. It was a wonderful experience working with them, as they perfectly understood my needs as an artist and reflected their skills in a design that was essential for the success of the show. Therefore, I fully trust their ability to create a custom backpack that adapts to my current needs as a juggler and artist.

As you can see, I’ve stopped carrying clubs on a daily basis. Since I’m primarily a diabolo juggler, it makes more sense for me to switch to wooden sticks that have the weight on the handle, similar to my diabolo sticks. This also helps me optimize my juggling backpack because the sticks are also shorter than a club. With this type of bag, you can create a custom set-up for your juggling props.

I think that the choice of the right backpack is something personal and can vary from artist to artist. Ultimately, it’s important to find a backpack that suits your needs and lifestyle. Aspects such as ergonomics and weight should be taken into account. The backpack should be comfortable and designed to distribute weight evenly, thus avoiding possible injuries to the back and shoulders. Additionally, the weight of the backpack itself should be light to avoid adding unnecessary burden when transporting juggling props.


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