How My Head Works

A collection of videos on researching and composing juggling routines while generating music that I listen to and inspire. Discovering new tricks and texture

Flat Orbits
A YouTube video of diabolo juggler that improvise with flat orbits…
Slow spirals
Diabolo juggling research about slow spirals while doing and listening to…
Sync Flippers
Diabolo juggling research with synchronous movements and flippers. The music that…

Breathing Outside

Fluffy Sticks
Searching with diversity in basic maneuvers.
Guincho em movimento
Searching textures inspired on feelings of the fishermen on their boats.…

The Classics

Looking back at the classics! Taught the learning process some of the classic diabolo tricks that we like the most, so we dida Youtube series on we will learn some classics tricks, to see the way to achieve them!

How to

Some tutorials about how to do some juggling related gear and tricks

Work In Progres

Artistic projects under construction, here you can follow our research


Organizing materials in a constructive way