Talking about Diabolo Siteswap on DiaboloFocus

Talking about Diabolo Siteswap on DiaboloFocus - Blog - by Didac Gilabert

As a diabolo player, I have always been interested in the theoretical side of juggling and the systematization of the language. My diabolo siteswap research has been one of the pillars of my work, and it has helped me discover new perspectives on this prop that I love.

Recently, Guillaume Karpowicz from DiaboloFocus reached out to me and asked me to write a short excerpt about my diabolo siteswap method. Is a pleasure to share my work with the Diabolo Focus community, and I hope it can help other diabolists explore and understand the possibilities of this notation system.

If you are interested in learning more about diabolo siteswap, I invite you to check out my article on DiaboloFocus, where I explain the notation system in more detail and show some of the possibilities with one diabolo.

You can also visit my website, to go deep with this research and discover how to apply it to more diabolo tricks.

I hope this information is useful and inspiring for you. Keep exploring and keep juggling!

A video to make it easy to understand the diabolo siteswap

Here is a short video that I made for DiaboloFocus website I hope you like it to make easier to understand this notation.

Video by Teresa Santos

For this video, I used the EVO G2 Orange diabolo. Although I usually play with white ones, I found that the orange diabolo was lighter and less flexible, which allowed me to be more precise with my techniques. It did take me a week to get used to the lightness of this diabolo, but now that I have adjusted to it, I really like it. I believe that it is better suited for long training sessions and allows me to train for a larger number of hours while maintaining my accuracy.

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