Dear juggler, I have compiled a playlist of some vaporwave songs, with nice baets, to use while juggling synchronous patterns. Vaporwave music is perfect for synchronous juggling because it has a calming, repetitive beat that is easy to follow. Each song can be used to accompany a different pattern, giving you a great variety in your training.

This method might help you to increase the list of your juggling tricks that you can accomplish without geeting bored or frustated.

Check this sound track, tell me what you think about it

Vaporwaver music to juggle ← Playlist

Increase your juggling variability through music

Music can help you stay motivated by providing a rhythm to your practice. This can be especially helpful when you’re learning a new pattern, in addition to providing motivation and focus, music can also help you improve your accuracy and timing, while you practice, you can learn to keep a steady beat and tempo and match your juggling to the rhythm of the music.

Using each track of your playlist for different patterns will help you to stay focused on what you are doing while you train different patterns.

For all the jugglers that enjoy challenges and thrill of juggling, there’s nothing quite like synchronous juggling. It is a fun and exciting way to practice juggling it can be difficult to find the perfect music to accompany your juggling sessions.

With this playlist, you’ll have a great variety of music to choose from to make your juggling trainig even more exciting. So grab your props and get ready to take your juggling to the another dimension with vaporwave music!

Some synchronous juggling patterns

Here is a list of synchronous juggling patterns that you can train with the playlist above; don’t forget that you can always add body throws to them.

Have fun and keep juggling. 😉

3 objects Synchronous Siteswap

  • (2x,4x)
  • (4,2x)*
  • (6,4)(4x,2)*
  • (6x,4)(2,0)*

4 objects Synchronous Siteswap

  • (6x,4)(4,2x)*
  • (6x,4)(4,2x)*
  • (6,4)(4x,2)*
  • (6,2x)(6,2x)*

5 objects Synchronous Siteswap

  • (6x,4)*
  • (6,4x)*
  • (6,4)
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Dídac Gilabert is a juggler and the creative force behind the project. He has been using juggling as a tool for introspection and reflection for long time. Dídac's juggling style combine technical precision with artistic expression to create a captivating and thought-provoking performance. Dídac is also deeply engaged in researching juggling theory and his insights have been the core of's reclaiming juggling as a unique art form.

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