Why we stop using passing as a juggling therm

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Some years ago we did Dame du Cirque, a diabolo sharing show. In the begging we call use as tagline a diabolo passing show, but while we where researching all the material for the show we realize that most of the work that we did was about sharing diabolos instead of passing.

Maybe you don’t feel the diferences right now if you think about it, pass and share are two different concepts when it comes to communication and teamwork, and when we juggle with someone else communication and teamwork is what we are doing. You can check our juggling workshop for companies “Share that file” if you are into team building.

Pass refers to the act of transferring responsibility or control of a task or item from one person to another. Share, on the other hand, refers to the act of dividing or distributing a task, item, or information among a group of people. Sharing often involves collaboration and cooperation as each person contributes their part to achieve a common goal.

In a juggling act, one person might pass the juggling object to another but more often multiple people share the task of juggling multiple objects at once, is for that that we call sharing the act of building a pattern with more people than yourself. Remember in the traditional acts where partners pass the objets to main jugglers it was cleat a hierarchy, so tell us what to you do, juggling passing or juggling sharing?

And because pass is a one-way transfer of responsibility or control, while share is a collaborative effort where multiple people contribute and work together. We decided to stop using the term pass in our juggling sessions.

Stop passing & Start sharing

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