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Dídac Gilabert


25min ❱ M6


It bloomed at the beginning of a gray winter, in lands where hardly the sun kisses the ground.

He floated in the dense fog, before walking through the arid plains in which the blues merged with the trotting of the horses.

In these meadows with “law,” where politics remains a fraud and television tries to numb the masses, he remains in the lonely desert waiting for a drop of water that allows him to live for another long time.

Life seems simpler when you live with little, he thinks, while the sand gazes at the landscape waiting for the night that brings the cold and, again, the pink dawn.



Artistic sheet
Creation and Interpretation ❱ Dídac Gilabert
Creation support ❱ Vasco Gomes
Music ❱ André Lima
Light Drawing ❱ Romeu Guimarães
Production ❱ troposfera.xyz
Coproduction ❱ Companhia Erva Daninha
Premiere 2013 ❱ CACE Cultural ❱ Porto

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