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Dídac Gilabert

Hourglass Nebula

10min ❱ TP


Sometimes life is just that little moment, that little detail that makes you think.
Most of the time, this detail, which seems insignificant, is not the first time it is there, but it is the first time we are prepared to see it.
As my life is a place in constant evolution, where I adapt to the environment in which I am, there are times when I like to share what has been going through my head in the last days.
This act is designed to fit any type of space, great small, day or night, indoor and outdoor.
Suggestions are welcome.

Artistic sheet
Creation and Interpretation ❱ Dídac Gilabert
Music ❱ Dídac Gilabert [vintiset.net]
Production ❱ troposfera.xyz


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