A 20-minute video-show.
A digital alternative for online or hybrid festivals.


Dame du Cirque VHS is a look at Dame du Cirque through the eyes of Octavi Espuga, along with all the other looks that visualize it through both analog and digital windows.

A project made to be seen on a home video system (VHS), as its name suggests. A home video system that has become a necessary refuge in the times we live in.

The recording took place at Teatre Municipal de Balaguer on November 20, 2020.

Dame du Cirque VHS has an artistic identity of its own, and is never intended to be a replacement for the live show.

Artistic Sheet

Original Idea & Artistic Direction Dídac Gilabert
Composition & Interpretation Dídac Gilabert, Teresa Santos, Gustavo Hjerl
Music Gustavo Hjerl
Backpack  Pinzat
Costume Miriam Ponsa
Directed by Octavi Espuga
Lights & Sound David Solís
Post-Production Audio Joan Mª Morlans – Masterlands Studio
Camera Octavi Espuga i Gala Oró
Production troposfera.xyz