Artistic foundation


Perform an intervention with juggling, music, video, lighting, code, animation with the aim of forming a system that reacts and interacts, where each of the factors speaks to the others. This intervention takes place in both analog and digital format.

With a duration of 10 to 15 minutes, based on the times most used on the Youtube digital platform, it will be broadcast live each time it is performed analogically, although the digital version will be transformed with animations and feedbacks in real time. , to make it clear that everything we see in stream is an altered version of reality by technology and its components, thus turning the project into a hybrid action.


For some time now I have been quite obsessed with ambient music and the generative systems that many sound landscapers use to reach new horizons and textures. After researching a lot about generative music, I decided to do the same with juggling, and look in the direction of a couple of genres that I currently call Ambient Juggling and Generative Juggling.

Ambient Juggling is an unpretentious juggling, it is an act that has as its engine the constant dissolution, it exists without having to stand out with respect to the environment.

Generative juggling goes a step further, trying to understand the whole environment as a system that gives inputs and receives stimuli, and based on all these parameters it evolves towards unplanned places, but they can be bounded.

Polychromatic Void is more aimed at generative juggling. Create a system between juggling, video, music, lighting, code and other elements, where everything is connected and in a constant dialogue.

● Diabolo • Generative Music
⊙ Hybrid Action • Ambient Juggling
○ Analogic • Digital • Hybrid • All Audiences • 10 min
▽ Portugal