During those days, we decided to record some diabolo compositions. The main purpose of this project was to see how a juggler goes from a blank canvas to an existing routine and how to start to fix the movements. 

In this juggling laboratory,the music for the videos was done while the juggler played. The music was made with digital synthesizers and some pedaleffects on an iPad. During the research, the juggler listened to the music that was generated with a pair of bluetooth earplugs and let the music affect the juggling output. This is because one of the cores of this laboratory is to observe how this generative music that the juggler listens to inspires and affects the juggling composition, helping to discover newtricks and textures!

All videos were recorded for up to 30 minutes.

Here are some of the juggling improvisations!

Visit this diabolo juggling composition series, about making a trick from zero. 

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