Looking for innovative ways to improve communication? Could juggling be the answer? Join us and discover the possibilities!

Juggling can unlock essential lessons about teamwork, communication, collaboration and innovative thinking. Our workshop aims to look into team building thru a juggling perspective, all while having a good time and acquiring a new skill.

Juggling, an art form that will make you … think

Juggling is not just an art form, it also sparks creativity and innovation, jugglers find new and unique juggling routines, patterns and a personal way of expression, leading them to own speech. This can help encourage them to think creatively and find innovative solutions to problems.

The process of juggling requires to adapt and change fast, gravity don’t stop, training fast-thinking, taking risks and pushing their limits, leading them to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new ideas, encouraging them to think fast in creative ways.

A workshop to juggle your way to better communication

This workshop is designed to strengthen relationships between colleagues as you work together towards common goals. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, understand different perspectives, and build trust within your team.

Let’s start the conversation, share a mail with us, and take the first step towards better communication through juggling.

If you want to know why this workshop is called “share that” instead of “pass that”, check that article.

Objectives of this workshop

  • To develop better teamwork and collaboration skills among team members through the lens of juggling.
  • To enhance communication skills through the use of juggling exercises, including verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • To promote innovative thinking by introducing participants to new juggling patterns and techniques that require creative problem-solving.
  • To encourage participants to step outside their comfort zones by challenging them to learn and master a new skill.
  • To foster a sense of camaraderie and connection among team members by engaging in a fun and interactive activity together.
  • To improve overall work performance by providing participants with an opportunity to break away from the routine and engage in a fun and stimulating activity.
  • To identify personal strengths and weaknesses and to learn how to leverage these in a team setting through juggling exercises.
  • To build trust among team members by practicing juggling exercises that require individuals to rely on each other.
  • To provide an opportunity for team members to relax and have fun together, improving morale and job satisfaction.
  • To offer a unique and memorable experience that will leave a lasting impact on team members and improve overall team dynamics.
Team Building / Problem Solving