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Dame du Cirque Diabolo sharing is our lifeline

Our diabolo performance visits the world of climbing from a juggling point of view. Through our art, we aim to explore the connection between the individual, their partners, and the mountain, as well as the power and beauty of the natural world.

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The Core of this Project


As artists, we believe that the human body is capable of incredible things, and we use it to its fullest potential in this work. Our movements on stage are not just choreographed steps, but rather a reflection of the human experience – our vulnerability, our strength, our determination, and our connection to the natural world.

Bringing with us the only the props that are necessary, like climbers, we rely on our bodies, the lighting and sound create an immersive atmosphere that transports the audience to the heart of the mountains. We want you to feel as if they you are climbing alongside us, to experience exhilaration, fear, and exhaustion, understanding the deep connection between man and nature.

We hope that through our performance, we can inspire others to see the beauty and power of the mountains, and appreciate the fragility and strength of the human form. We believe that by pushing ourselves beyond our physical and mental limits, we can discover a sense of purpose and meaning that transcends our daily lives. Will you join us?



Dame du Cirque is an ice-climbing route located in Gavarnie, France. Pau Escalé, a passionate climber and lover of ice, died there.

The enthusiasm of Pau combined with the reflections of the climbers who tried to rescue Iñaki Ochoa de Olza when he suffered problems and eventually died trying to reach the top of the Annapurna, inspired us to build a performance about mountains and the philosophy that surrounds them.

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Waiting for good conditions


You cut into the ice with your ice-axe, take air, and continue upwards. You are alone in the middle of your thoughts, accompanied only by the experiences of those who have already passed through this point.

You look at the horizon and realize your insignificance before such immensity; a world so vast and inhospitable. Attached to your companion, you look at each other: your shared silence confirms what both of you already know.

Dame du Cirque VHS » A 20-minute video-show.

Dame du Cirque VHS is a look at Dame du Cirque through the eyes of Octavi Espuga, along with all the other looks that visualize it through both analog and digital windows. A version of the project made to be seen on a home video system (VHS), as its name suggests.

Dame du Cirque VHS has an artistic identity of its own, and is never intended to be a replacement for the live show.

The recording took place at Teatre Municipal de Balaguer on November 20, 2020.

Video by Octavi Espuga

Dame du Cirque Core

Artistic Sheet


Direction Dídac Gilabert
Composition & Interpretation Dídac Gilabert, Teresa Santos, Gustavo Hjerl
Music Gustavo Hjerl
Backpack Pinzat
Costume Miriam Ponsa
Video Octavi Espuga
Production troposfera.xyz

+ Vídeo VHS

Original Idea & Artistic Direction Dídac Gilabert
Directed by Octavi Espuga
Lights & Sound David Solís
Post-Production Audio Joan Mª Morlans – Masterlands Studio
Camera Octavi Espuga i Gala Oró

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A collection of the research we are carrying out to develop this project.

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