Dame du Cirque is an ice-climbing route located in Gavarnie, France. Pau Escalé, a passionate climber and lover of ice, died there.

The enthusiasm of Pau combined with the reflections of the climbers who tried to rescue Iñaki Ochoa de Olza when he suffered problems and eventually died trying to reach the top of the Annapurna, inspired us to build a performance about mountains and the philosophy that surrounds them.

Video by Octavi Espuga


You cut into the ice with your ice-axe, take air, and continue upwards. You are alone in the middle of your thoughts, accompanied only by the experiences of those who have already passed through this point.

You look at the horizon and realize your insignificance before such immensity; a world so vast and inhospitable. Attached to your companion, you look at each other: your shared silence confirms what both of you already know.

Artistic Sheet

Direction Dídac Gilabert
Composition & Interpretation Dídac Gilabert + Teresa Santos + Gustavo Hjerl
Music Gustavo Hjerl
Backpack Pinzat
Costume Miriam Ponsa
Photos MariaChiara Freddura
Video Octavi Espuga
Production troposfera.xyz