The core of the project

Perform an intervention with circus geeks,music, video, lighting, code, animation with the aim of forming a system that reacts and interacts, where each of the factors speaks to the others. This intervention takes place in both analog and digital format.


Polychromatic Void is a project that has as its research center generative art in the living arts, this project has as its main reflection the alteration of human relationships by the systems that surround us, and how algorithms can generate new relationships between systems and people.

Polychromatic Void is executed by a set of artists who are activated depending on the conditions of the space where it is implemented and their availability.
A modular system of artists with both analogue and digital skills, ready to generate life in a hybrid world.

Polychromatic Void where you want

This project is designed to adapt to the spaces that host it, where it will carry out a performative installation. As it is a site-specific project, we will need to live in the place where the experience will take place for two to six days to see the opportunities that the space offers us.
On the last day, we will create a performative installation where the results of what has been investigated will be shown.

Here you can see a collection of the research we are carrying out to develop this project.


Polychromatic Void and its relationship with System Polylog

System Polyog will be an album of ambient and generative music made together with tools and resources found in Polychromatic Void. This album will have it’s own video clips, and once finished it will be able to be re-presented on the festivals that we performed.