A juggling workshop made to give you valuable tools and empowers you with the necessary skills and knowledge to embark on your personal juggling research, irrespective of your current level of expertise.

This juggling workshop

SINGLE is a juggling workshop for people who have been juggling for a long time and who want to look at it from other perspectives. A juggling space aimed at jugglers with a medium-high level, where we will deal with both the common technique and our language adapting to the level of each one.

A laboratory where you can experiment with new possibilities and open new paths. A place where we will see schemes and structures to take our game to other latitudes.

We will look at the technique from the ground up in order to make it our own, seeking to overcome ourselves in the day to day through perseverance and patience, deducing educational methods to achieve difficult goals.


  • See the many variables and possibilities of each juggling movement, be able to define what you like and be able to repeat it in other situations.
  • Learn to deform, de-construct and reconstruct juggling patterns to the fullest.
  • Order your juggling ideas, to come back to them in the future.
  • Understand how to reach a juggling technical goal.
  • Provide juggling research and composition tools to acquire new juggling grammars, and defend newly acquired juggling languages.

Música pel laboratòri

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