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SÒL, named after the diabolo trick “sun” and also for its Catalan polysemy (sun, ground, alone), where key concepts of a juggler’s life blend together, such as solo practice, the ground, or the importance of foundational skills. This workshop is designed to provide you with valuable tools and equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to embark on your own diabolo exploration, regardless of your current level of expertise.

Explore Diabolo from New Angles ツ

The core of SÒL

A diabolo workshop

SÒL is for those who have been playing diabolo for a long time and want to explore new perspectives. It’s a space for medium to high-level players, focusing on both common techniques and developing a unique style, adapting to each participant’s level.

Our workshop is like a laboratory where you can experiment with new possibilities and open new paths. We’ll examine schemes and structures to elevate our diabolo skills.

We’ll break down techniques from the ground up, making them our own, and push ourselves daily through perseverance and patience. By exploring new educational methods, we’ll tackle challenging goals together.

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Who Should Join SÒL?

For whom is this workshop?

The SÒL workshop is for experienced diabolo players eager to refine their skills and develop a unique style. If you have a medium to high level of diabolo proficiency and want to innovate and experiment, this workshop is for you.

Our space is ideal for experimenting with new possibilities, discovering innovative paths, and mastering complex schemes and structures. We revisit foundational techniques to make them our own, pushing ourselves daily through perseverance and patience while exploring new educational methods to achieve challenging goals.

Even though SÒL is geared towards experienced diabolo players, we can adapt the workshop for all skill levels. That said, it’s most effective when participants are grouped by similar levels, ensuring the most effective experience.

Objectives of the workshop


See the many variables and possibilities of each movement, be able to define what you like and be able to repeat it in other situations.


Learn to deform, de-construct and reconstruct patterns to the fullest.


Order your ideas, to come back to them in the future. Understand how to reach a technical goal.

Artistic tools

Provide research and composition tools to acquire new grammars, and defend newly acquired languages.

Learn Diabolo

Reserve your place, learn and improve in our diabolo workshop.!

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