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We always liked to make my own juggling gear or modify some branded props to customise some aspects of them, it’s a way to have more specific material for your needs, you can even get colours and textures that aren’t on the market. Apart from making your own material, you will know how to repair it if necessary, and finally, making your own material makes you value your instruments more. 🤓

Why we do this juggling gear workshops?

One of the main reasons to teach how to make or customise your juggling gear, especially for teenagers, is that they had another relationship with his props. When we do juggling gear, we try to use recycled material or assemble all the components with no glue.

For professionals is also good to tweak your gear to be more precise for your researches, or obtain some colours  for your performances.

Where you can see more about Assaig i Error?

You can find out what we do on the blog, but if there is an opportunity, we like to travel with our projects wherever you are, there are activities that are better live. 😉

We do workshops where students build part of their material, or we even do it where you learn how to modify and make your own material, here you can see some photos of the workshops.

Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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