Lupa Installation

Magnifying diabolo is a photographic project born from the collaboration with YANA Magazine, an independent art magazine that collects curated works of art and essays created by jugglers, this project was carried out with the collaboration of La Central del Circ and educational project I carried out within the framework of ’EN RESiDÈNCiA with DIAMALÀBORS, […]

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This is the result of our first week testing lights, music and juggling at la central del circ, doing the Dinàmica residency of Polychromatic Void. Starting to understand how generative juggling works, that’s an exciting path! We will publish more videos of this proces mixed with visual arts we hope you join us in our […]

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This was the conclusion of this year sharing with this students of la Trinitat, Barcelona. You can see all that we did on one of our labs. It had been and amazing project. Thanks to La Central del Circ to invite us to do it!You can see other artists projects here ->

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