When I decided to develop this kind of notation, it was because I did not find  a way to describe most of the tricks that I do in the Diabology Siteswap.

When we say that we juggle with five balls we suppose that we juggle the normal cascade (5). However, we can juggle five balls like a shower (91) or a half-shower (73) etc.
The same goes for the diabolo. When we say that we achieved 3 Diabolos Low, nowadays we know what it means, but how many ways exist for juggling 3 Diabolos Low? If we delve deeper into the notation of juggling we discover that they have no limits, and that everything we do can or can be written.

All the siteswap patterns that I propose for the diabolo are only a few samples of what is actually possible and should not be mistaken for the only way to do it – there exists an infinity of different diabolo-patterns.

I have decided to dedicate an entire website to this LAB,
so the information is more orderly.

DiaboloSiteswap.com is an adaptation of Vanilla Siteswap by diabolo.

Useful notation to find a way to describe most of the tricks we do with the devil.