Diabolo Siteswap

Adaptació del Vanilla Siteswap per diàbolo. Notació útil per trobar una manera de descriure la majoria dels trucs que fem amb el diàbolo.

When I decided to develop this kind of notation, it was because I did not find  a way to describe most of the tricks that I do in the Diabology Siteswap.

When we say that we juggle with five balls we suppose that we juggle the normal cascade (5). However, we can juggle five balls like a shower (91) or a half-shower (73) etc.
The same goes for the diabolo. When we say that we achieved 3 Diabolos Low nowadays we know what it means but how many ways exist for juggling 3 Diabolos Low? If you go deep into this siteswap it becomes obvious that juggling has no limits.

All the siteswap patterns that I propose for the diabolo are only a few samples of what is actually possible and should not be mistaken for the only way to do it – there exists an infinity of different diabolo-patterns.

To have the most orderly information I decided to dedicate a website to this
LAB. Take a look!