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The diabolo, often erroneously spelled as “diablo,” is a circus & juggling prop reminiscent of the Chinese yo-yo. Its structure includes an axle connected to two hourglass-shaped cups, with hubs in the middle, secured by a bolt with washers at each end. Certain models, like Sundia, may incorporate extra components such as rings on the cups to improve stability. To manipulate the diabolo, you can wield two hand sticks, sometimes called batons or wands, connected by a string.

Similar to the yo-yo, albeit with a distinct origin, the diabolo maintains its spinning motion through the principle of conservation of angular momentum. This physical phenomenon enables the diabolo to sustain its rotation, lending it an enchanting and almost hypnotic quality as it dances through the air.

This versatile instrument transcends its origins as a Chinese toy now stands as a stalwart presence in the circus community, the artistry of juggling, and the simple joys of leisure. Its essence transcends the mere manipulation of objects,

Pictures of all Diabolo Parts

Parts and materials of 1 diabolo

Diabolo PartQuanityMaterials of the parts
Cups2Plastic, Ruber and Metal
Hubs2Plastic and Metal
Washers2Plastic, Carbon and Metal
Stability Rings (Only on Sundia Evo)2Ruber and Metal

What’s the Meaning of Diabolo to Me?

Diabolo, once a mere trinket from the Orient, is more than just a juggling prop for me, it’s an art form for it self a tool for self-expression, creativity, and exploration. Like a painter with a canvas or a writer with a blank page, the diabolo becomes my medium of expression, my tool for crafting stories and evoking emotions. I weave intricate narratives, exploring the depths of imagination and creativity. It’s not just about the physical act of manipulation; it’s about discovery, exploration of self, and the endless possibilities that unfold with a long the way.

Here you can dive into my thoughts about the significance of diabolo to me more deeply,


Questions about diabolo

How do you pronounce “diabolo”?

The correct pronunciation is dee-AB-ə-loh /diːˈæbəloʊ/

What are some beginner-friendly diabolo brands?

Popular brands for beginners include Henrys, Mr. Babache, and Sundia. If you’re looking to purchase your first diabolo, you can find some recommendations in my article “What Diabolo Should I Buy.”

Can Everyone learn to use a diabolo?

Absolutely! With patience and practice, you can learn diabolo skills. If you’re interested in getting started with diabolo, check out my article on “Diabolo Basics.”

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