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The choice of the right diabolos is crucial for optimal performance. In this article, I will objectively analyze whether Amazon diabolos are the best option for everyone, from beginners to experts. I will also share the models I use and why I consider them ideal.

Quality vs. Price, Versatility and Diabolo Design

Economical diabolos often sacrifice quality. For any juggler, considering high-quality alternatives is essential. Learning with quality diabolos makes the learning process and mastering advanced techniques much easier.

The diabolos sold at Amazon, in my opinion, seem like they’re from another era: they are small and heavy. Even though they sell Henrys equipment, the diabolos from that brand they offer are made of hard plastic and have low-quality axles. At that price, better options can be found. And let’s not even talk about the sticks; who uses wooden sticks in 2023? Especially when you can make your diabolo sticks yourself for half the price.

The Importance of Weight Relationship

The balance between the weight of the diabolo and the sticks is crucial for optimal performance. If the diabolo is too heavy, it might be challenging to control, and if it’s too light, it won’t maintain enough momentum for complex tricks. Finding the right match is like discovering the perfect dance partner! I recomend diabolos arround 230grams and sticks arround 90grams the pair, 45 grams each.

What Diabolo to Buy and Where to Buy It?

Currently, I use Sundia G2 soft, and in my opinion, these diabolos are among the best. They provide excellent stability, with a larger diameter axle that allows for more precise control of the diabolo’s speed. Additionally, they feature rings that may seem like an issue as they are an additional piece, but they greatly facilitate corrections. I’ve written an article about the different Sundia models that you might find interesting.

Lately, I’ve been purchasing my equipment at Diabolo Focus since I reside in Europe. However, if you are in the United Kingdom, you can also consider Diabolo Moves, where I used to shop before Brexit. Nev is a great diabolo enthusiast who knows what he’s talking about.

Don’t forget that buying from small, specialized stores, often run by passionate jugglers, directly supports the community, fosters innovation, and keeps the juggling culture alive.

Remember, for any diabolist, the choice of diabolos is crucial. If you seek quality and versatility, specialized store options far surpass Amazon or Decathlon diabolos.

Dídac Gilabert

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