In a world where simplicity often reveals the true essence of life, this performance takes you on a thought-provoking journey, where we invite you to step into a realm where storytelling transcends words, and where every gesture, every diabolo movement, becomes a reflection of existence itself.


It bloomed at the beginning of a gray winter, in lands where the sun hardly touches the ground. It floated between the dense fog, before walking through the barren plains in which the blues blurs with the galloping of the horses.

In those grounds with “law”, where politics is still a scam and television tries to numb the masses, he stays in the solitary desert waiting for a drop of water, allowing him to live for a long time.

Life seems simpler when lived with less, he thinks, meanwhile he looks at the landscape waiting for the night, which brings the cold and again the dew of the dawn.

Artistic Sheet

Construction & Interpretation Dídac Gilabert
Help with the construction Vasco Gomes
Music André Lima
Lights Romeu Guimarães
Coproduction Companhia Erva Daninha
Debut CACE Cultural, Porto, 2013