Layer Cards at 8a Trobada de Mans a Mans

From October 10 to 13, the vibrant spirit of artistic collaboration came alive at La Central del Circ during the 8a Trobada de Mans a Mans.

A Hand to Hand Creative Adventure at La Central del Circ

Nestled within this gathering, our workshop, Layer Cards, offered a distinct experience. As acrobats gracefully molded their figures, the game became a canvas for their artistic evolution.

The Mans-Mans Meeting allowed artists to collectively immerse in dedicated workdays. It also gave us the chance to share Layer Cards with exceptional acrobats, and let us exploring the game’s impact on with other circus areas that we usually don’t practice.

The energy at La Central del Circ was electric, and we appreciated contributing to the creative dialogue. Thanks to revisiting these moments with us and explore how Layer Cards added a new layer to the 8a Trobada de Mans a Mans.

Keep the creative spirit alive! 

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