Investigation of juggling the diabolo during sunset.

The music that plays in the video is what I hear while I’m fixing the routine, this soundscape that fluctuates and bounces through me and pollutes my game by generating a sequence.

Bounces that are lost in the distance and grainy textures appear in both music and gameplay.

The Magic Sunset Poem

There’s something about diabolo juggling
That’s just so captivating
It’s a juggling act like no other
And it’s so mesmerizing to watch
The colors, the music, the movements
They all come together to create
A truly stunning spectacle
One that’s sure to delight and amaze

So if you ever have the chance
To see diabolo juggling
Don’t hesitate, just go for it
It’s an experience you won’t soon forget!

Poem by The Automatic Juggler

This is all about ➞ Magic Sunset

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