We went to Serpins, at the Encontro Português de Malabarismo gathered jugglers from diverse backgrounds, igniting a profound exploration of their craft.

We impart some workshops such as like Layer Cards, where gravity-defying sculptures emerged, Grab Tables that showcased limitless possibilities, we immersed ourselves in the art, and Diabolo Siteswap became a shared language, uniting jugglers in a harmonious symphony. All this happened while Teresa Santos, immortalized these moments with the camera.

As the event drew to a close, a bittersweet longing settled within us, leaving fleeting memories of the workshops imprinted in our minds. Juggling revealed life’s delicate balance as we pursued perfection amidst the chaotic motions. This captivating experience unveiled the transformative power of art, leaving a lasting impression on our souls and deepening our appreciation for the enchanting world of juggling.

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