Last weekend we were performing at the Flors i Violes Festival at Palafrugell with the show 326 MORMURS. It was an incredible experience, full of challenges and emotions.

During the show, every spin and movement of the diabolo took me to a different place, both physically and emotionally, sometimes with feelings of strength and balance, other times with moments of fragility and uncertainty.

But isn’t that life? Constant juggling with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows. And that’s what this show conveys, a reflection on human beings and their existence.

And in this reflection, the importance of connection and interaction with others and the world around us also comes into play. In this sense, I cannot fail to mention the hospitality of the Flors i Violes Festival and the opportunity they gave me to share my passion with the festival audience.

I want to thank Teresa Santos for accompanying me on the trip and capturing with her camera unique and unrepeatable moments that will forever remind us of this experience. Here I leave you a collection of the photos that Teresa took.

Juggling is not only a physical skill, but an artistic expression that invites us to reflect on life and its many facets. Thanks to the Flors i Violes Festival for allowing me to share this reflection with their audience and I hope to be able to return in future editions.

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