Post-Circus: Texture, Movement and Atmosphere

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From my point of view, post-circus is an experimental circus genre characterized by exploring textures about patterns and movements where the artist can modify their intensity and density. A circus genre where what matters is the atmosphere and the landscape that is genre, it is usually non-textual, assuming the circus disciplines as the driving language of the works, a circus where the figure is not the center of the piece.

The post circus is probably a natural evolution of an art form that for many years has focused on the human self centred and achieving , on form and has been exploring new territories. However, this genre, where circus elements are used, but not for the same purposes as in the so-called classical circus, is often erroneously called contemporary circus, thus avoiding greater diversity in the circus universe.

This genre is not about the artist impressing the audience with their abilities, as the traditional circus often does. Instead, post-circus removes the superhero mood inherent in circus performances and places the artist’s actions as the motor of the performance. Circus will always be about the limits of physics and the boundaries of fundamental laws, but post-circus is not about humans finding their limits, but rather about how we interact with them, playing with the world where we live in. This play evokes emotions and textures, making the audience feel the artist’s movements and immersing them in the journey of the performance. No longer just an observer, the audience vibrates with us as we play.

I will not name any specific show or company that I have seen that falls under the post-circus genre. While I have witnessed some works that can be classified as such, I understand that it is not my place to label the work of others. However, if you are moved by what I have presented and would like to continue the conversation, please leave a comment below. Let’s open up this discussion.

In essence, post-circus is a genre that expands the traditional boundaries of circus performance. It is a natural evolution of an art form that has focused on form and pushing physical limits for many years. Post-circus removes the superhero mood often present in traditional circus and instead focuses on the artist’s actions as the motor of the performance. Through evoking emotions and textures and immersing the audience in the journey of the performance, post-circus is a captivating experience. It is important to recognize post-circus as a distinct genre, rather than labeling it as contemporary circus and limiting the diversity of the circus universe.

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