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Music possesses the ability to elevate and motivate people, and with the advancement of digital platforms like Bandcamp, discovering new artists and albums has become easy. This article presents 5 Bandcamp albums that not only provide a pleasant listening experience but also make for perfect juggling music, given that music and juggling are closely linked. Below are 5 of my go-to albums.

Bandcamp albums for juggling

Othona by Dark Sky

When I juggle and listen to Othona by Dark Sky, I feel like I am transported to another world. The hypnotic beats and ethereal melodies take me on a emotional journey, allowing me to forget about everything else and just focus on my juggling. It’s like the music and the movement become one, creating a beautiful and immersive experience.

Brothers by suicideyear x outthepound

Brothers by suicideyear x outthepound is the perfect soundtrack for my juggling sessions. The haunting vocals and atmospheric soundscape create a sense of tension and drama that keeps me on the edge of my moves. It’s like the music is pushing me to take my juggling to the new horizons, encouraging me to take risks and try new things.

Symmetry Systems by 36

Symmetry Systems by 36 is a masterpiece of ambient music that provides the perfect backdrop for my juggling practice. The intricate textures and subtle rhythms create a sense of calm and focus that allows me to concentrate on my technique and form. It’s like the music is a meditation that helps me connect with my body and the movement of the juggling props.

1979 by Deru

When I listen to 1979 by Deru while juggling, I feel like I am in a dream. The gentle melodies and delicate soundscapes create a sense of tranquility and peace that helps me get into a flow state. It’s like the music is a gentle breeze that carries me along, allowing me to effortlessly juggle and express myself.

Kirlian Tapes v1.0 by The Flashbulb

I came across Ben Jordan’s YouTube channel and found it very interesting, especially his music geek content. Ben also releases music under the name “The Flashbulb” and his album “Kirlian Tapes” is particularly powerful and dynamic. I find it to be the perfect background music for my juggling practice. The intricate melodies and complex rhythms create a sense of excitement and energy that motivates me to challenge myself and reach new heights. It’s as if the music serves as a wave that propels me forward, encouraging me to take my juggling skills to the next level.

Share Your Favourite Juggling Soundtrack

Are you the kind of juggler who needs to get in the zone with some music, or are you simply looking for a way to spice up your practice routine? No matter the reason, there’s no denying that the right music can really make all the difference. Do you gravitate towards upbeat and high-energy tracks, or do you prefer more soothing melodies to keep you focused? Maybe you like to switch it up based on the type of juggling you’re working on.
We would love to know what your favourite juggling jams are! Share your go-to playlist or your favourite album in the comments and tell us what makes it so special to you.



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