Why We Should Stop Calling It Contemporary Circus

For the last 50 years, circus has evolved, and with it, the terminology used to describe it. Nowadays, it’s common to hear the term “contemporary circus” to refer to the works that push the boundaries of the traditional circus. However, I believe that this terminology is flawed and has no real meaning in 2023. One […]

5 music albums that I like to juggle with

Music possesses the ability to elevate and motivate people, and with the advancement of digital platforms like Bandcamp, discovering new artists and albums has become easy. This article presents 5 Bandcamp albums that not only provide a pleasant listening experience but also make for perfect juggling music, given that music and juggling are closely linked. […]

Post-Circus: Texture, Movement and Atmosphere

Reflecting on the post-circus genre, this essay explores an experimental circus form that pushes the boundaries of traditional performances. With a focus on texture, movement, and atmosphere, post-circus removes the superhero mood inherent in traditional circus and places the artist’s actions as the motor of the performance. Join the conversation and learn more about this captivating genre that expands the boundaries of circus performance.