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Let’s delve into diabolo terminology and tackle a term that’s piqued the curiosity of many: ‘Vertax’ or ‘Vertical Axis Diabolo,’ also known as ‘Excalibur.’ Over the years, it’s been characterized as a style in which the diabolo is ‘turned vertically’ and consistently spun in an upright position. However, I suggest a shift in perspective that aligns more precisely with the fundamental alterations this style brings. In the early days of this technique’s evolution, it was often referred to as the ‘Horizontal Diabolo,’ a terminology choice that seems to better encapsulate its essence.

Understanding the Vertax Style

Let’s dissect the Vertax style before diving into why Horizontal Diabolo might be a more fitting description. In Vertax, the diabolo is manipulated so that its string aligns with the vertical axis, which marks a clear departure from conventional diabolo styles where the string sits along the horizontal plane.

The Coordinate Plane Shift

The argument for “Horizontal Diabolo” gains strength here. When transitioning to Vertax, the string’s orientation shifts from the vertical plane (along the XY coordinates) to the horizontal plane (along the XZ coordinates). This shift significantly impacts how we interact with the diabolo and perform tricks. We transition from the familiar XY plane to the unexplored territory of the XZ plane.

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Horizontal: A More Descriptive Term

“Vertical Axis Diabolo” implies that the diabolo remains vertical, which isn’t entirely accurate. In Vertax, the diabolo predominantly spins horizontally; it’s only the string’s orientation that’s vertical. By adopting the term “Horizontal Diabolo,” we better align our language with the actual style, where the diabolo’s primary spin takes place in the horizontal plane.

Let’s change

This suggested terminological shift isn’t just about words; it’s about embracing the evolution of diabolo techniques. As diaboloists, we continually explore new dimensions of the art, and Vertax represents a substantial leap into the XZ plane. By referring to it as “Horizontal Diabolo,” we acknowledge this shift and provide newcomers with a more intuitive grasp of the style.

At the end Horizontal Diabolo might be a more accurate descriptor for what we’ve traditionally known as Vertax. It brings our terminology in line with the core shift in the string’s orientation and the diabolo’s primary spin plane, offering a truer representation of this advanced diabolo style. So, the next time you find yourself spinning the diabolo along the XZ axis, consider embracing the “Horizontal Diabolo” terminology, and join the linguistic evolution in our vibrant diabolo community.


As a bonus I let you here on of my favourite horizontal diabolo tricks and how to I learn it.

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