Are you looking to expand your diabolo juggling skills with some advanced tricks? In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some geek-specific siteswap patterns that can help take your diabolo juggling to new horizons. Throughout this article, we’ll refer to the orange ball as the diabolo and the yellowish ones as the sticks, so keep that in mind as we explore these exciting new tricks that are sure to challenge and inspire you.

Let’s Try These Advanced Diabolo Juggling Tricks

In an effort to cultivate creativity, I’ve made these juggling GIF animations of each trick instead of relying on video content. This allows us to use our imagination and experiment with different movements on a blank juggling canvas. With this approach, you can focus on your own personal style. After trying some of these tricks, feel free to scroll down and check out some videos in the comments for additional inspiration. So embrace your creativity and let’s get started!

Warming up with |423|

[24]222[23F]22 - 423 Warming Up - Ready to Geek Out Unlock this Advanced Diabolo Juggling Tricks

Warming up with |423| is a great way to get your hands and body ready for more advanced juggling tricks. Remember to focus on your form and technique, and don’t be discouraged if it takes some time to have it solid, if you have it clean try to add variations on the “2”.

Warming up the hands throws |4242423|

[42]2424222[3F2]22 -  Warming Up The Hands - Ready to Geek Out Unlock this Advanced Diabolo Juggling Tricks
[42]2 42 42 22 [3F2]22

Warming up the hands with the |4242423| pattern is a great way to prepare for diabolo juggling. This warm-up involves alternating between two handsticks and the diabolo. As you become more comfortable with this pattern, focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm and keeping your throws and catches smooth and controlled. Once you’ve warmed up your hands and feel ready to start juggling fore complex tricks like the next ones where the sticks cross to the other side. Remember to use a gentle but firm grip on the sticks and to keep your hands relaxed and flexible as you throw and catch.

String-Hand to MX Start

[42]24222[24F]222 - 4 to MX Start- Ready to Geek Out Unlock this Advanced Diabolo Juggling Tricks
[42]2 42 22 [4F2]2 22

To start, focus on getting a solid 4242 pattern with good height and accuracy. Once you feel comfortable with that, start working on transitioning into the MX Start position smoothly. Remember to keep your throws consistent and your hands steady.

On Sided String-Hand-String with cascade

[42]2334222[4F2]222  -  Hand to String One Side - Ready to Geek Out Unlock this Advanced Diabolo Juggling Tricks
[42]2 33 42 22 [4F2]2 22

The One Side String-to-Hand-to-String trick is crucial to successfully learning the tricks discussed in this article. So practice it until you have it solid, and you’ll be well-prepared for the more advanced tricks to come.
Try practicing it with your non-dominant hand. so you got this in both sides.

Both Sides String-Hand-String with cascade

423 string to hand to string 2423342223f2222423342223f222 ready to geek out unlock this advanced diabolo juggling tricks blog troposferaxyz 1 →
Siteswap – [24]2 33 42 22 [3F2]22

Let’s take it up a notch and mix things up! Try using both hands to create a pattern that makes the diabolo spin in both directions. Adding a more complexity like skaters when make manurers in swtich. Give it a shot and see how it feels!

4 with the string, diabolo goes hand to hand

4 with the string diabolo goes hand to hand 24f2322 ready to geek out unlock this advanced diabolo juggling tricks blog →
Siteswap – [24F]2 322

Let’s take a moment to focus on the starts. Try dropping the stick while keeping the string in your hand – this maneuver can create some nice impressive visuals. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to smoothly transition from this move into other tricks and patterns. So give it a try and see how it adds a new dimension to your juggling routine!

A Possible Mills Mess

a possible mills mess 3f2223233322 ready to geek out unlock this advanced diabolo juggling tricks blog →
Siteswap – [3F2]2 2[32] 33 322

Let’s twist to the mix. With this pattern, we can start crossing our arms. However, it can be challenging with a diabolo because the string can get in the way when we don’t want it to. This move may seem similar to the Mills Mess, but it’s not quite the same. So, is it a Mills Mess? Should we put a name to this trick?

How many variations did you find on them?

As you explore these advanced diabolo juggling tricks, you’ll quickly realize the seemingly endless variations and possibilities within each siteswap pattern. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different approaches and combinations, as this can lead to exciting new tricks and techniques.

We encourage you to share your discoveries in the comments section below. Share the name of the pattern you’re working on and include a link to your video on YouTube showcasing your variation. The video will be displayed in the comments.

Share your newfound tricks with the community to unlock the full potential of these geek-specific siteswap tricks together! Don’t forget to check out other variations and leave comments to keep the exchange going.