I decided to do a quick tutorial on how to dye your own Diabolos, in the end it resulted in an ASRM video, I hope you enjoy it and try to do it with some of your Diabolos.

I use anilines to do it, i used orange, you can find a large number of colours with these wood inks, but some colors work better than others, so you must try and fail (Assaig i Error), until you find your favorite color together with the proportions of ink and water .

I don’t like to be too strict when doing this kind of experiment, so I mixed it up without too much scientific rigor.

Here you have a video of how to Dye your diabolos

But here are some tips:

Soft rubber Diabolos like SUNDIA G2 SOFTS, have more pores, so the inking process works better.

I am usually generous with aniline, but not too much, because if there is an excess some Diabolos can stain a little for a few days

After doing tests with some Diabolos, I noticed that there are some watermarks on them, and I like it, it helps me see which diabolo rotates faster than others when I practice various objects, and it is very good. liked!

I hope ypu like it!

Thanks to Diabolo Moves for all the support.

Dídac Gilabert
Posted by:Dídac Gilabert

Dídac Gilabert is a juggler and the creative force behind the troposfera.xyz project. He has been using juggling as a tool for introspection and reflection for long time. Dídac's juggling style combine technical precision with artistic expression to create a captivating and thought-provoking performance. Dídac is also deeply engaged in researching juggling theory and his insights have been the core of troposfera.xyz's reclaiming juggling as a unique art form.

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