I have been researching various DIY options for diabolo stick handles, and I have finally found a method that is both effective and easy to make. If you decide to give it a try and make your own pair, feel free to let me know how it goes!

A video about how to do a diabolo juggling sticks

Why to do a diabolo juggling sticks

When I play with my diabolo, I often throw the sticks in a juggling style. But sometimes the audience can’t see the finer details of my movements with the thin sticks. That’s why I love using these juggling sticks with their bigger handles. With the use of bigger grab handles, I feel that I have less tension on my muscles because I don’t have to close my hands as tightly. This can help reduce stress on my muscles during training sessions.

Material that I used to make this diabolo juggling sticks

Here you have the links to the components and material that I used in making these sticks.

Do you want to play with more conventional sticks?

Watch here,how to do a classic diabolo sticks 😉

This is all about ➞ How to do a diabolo juggling sticks

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