Crafting Diabolo Sticks and Why Stop Using Clubs

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Since I started juggling, I’ve always been interested in props. I’m particularly intrigued by mixing toss juggling with diabolo, which led me to delve into that direction. In this article, I will show you how my sticks and clubs evolved during those years.

My usual diabolo sticks

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I always liked heavy sticks that flight slower in the air but I think now os time to investigate on new directions.

Regular Handle 14mm Ø

Starting to improve my juggling diabolo sticks

Here you can see some handmade diabolo sticks, with different weight, made more for “juggling style”, some ones are for training faster and after adapting the moves with lighter sticks. I use wood on the thicker ones to keep the weight down, have thicker handles, and keep the center of mass where I want it.

I trided diferent bottom and top diammetes , and for me the best solution is from 20mm to 14mm, because it keep de weight lighter and also de sticks fly more like a regular light weight stick, like DEOS.

This Conic handle are custom made with a winch.

With the conic handle stick, you win a solid prop for toss juggling, and still be able to do suicides and genocides, because the weight of the stick is not that much and also the center of weigh stays in the handle, so you have very steady flights.

Going for juggling sticks for diabolists

I aslo did some juggling sticks to train some complex body thorws, beacuse with culbs, the weight of the object is located more on the body, but with diabolo sticks the weigh is on the handle, so is more eficent training with obects that keep the same weigh distribution.

I used Bellota Hammers M8007A ( 30cm x 20mm to 24mm ), and bike inner tubes. You can find Bellota Hammers A B C D E F, it change de length and the diameter, I tried all of them. The orange ones with tennis grip are M8007D, a little big wider and longer ( 32cm x 24mm to 28mm ).

Club Hybrid Diabolo Sticks, My Final Call

I ended up using this hybrid between clubs and diabolo sticks. This last option suits my style, letting me do suicides with no problem, and it also mixes well with toss juggling. I also made juggling sticks for training throws; these sticks have the weight more distributed on the handles. This is the main difference between juggling clubs and diabolo sticks, so I’ve found the perfect way to enhance my juggling.

Nowadays I don’t bring clubs on my backpack I usually go with my juggling sticks that are shorter (33cm)and occupy less space.

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