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Last month we were performing at la Bisbal d’Empordà with Polychromatic Void, Didac and Gustavo as jugglers and Teresa as filmmaker. Thanks to Fira del Circ de Carrer for having us.

Polychromatic Void is an artistic project made to blend the analog and the digital world and reflect about the layers of transformation which are added when we go digital.

Digital Output One, a video without effects

Digital Output One is a video that shows the atmosphere of our performances presenting them as honest as we can. We understand the importance of staying true to the authenticity of our performances, and this video is a testament to that commitment.

More to come

Digital Output Two will have vídeo feedback to add more textures to the digital version enhanced by JavaScript. Would you like to get notified about the release of Digital Output Two, a video that infused with effects?

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