A Twist on Diabolo Passing, Exploring Creative Possibilities

A Twist on Diabolo Passing, Exploring Creative Possibilities - Blog -troposfera.xyz by Dídac Gilabert

The world of diabolo passing is vast, like an endless stream of snowflakes that inspire creativity and innovation. It’s a space where individuals come together to push the limits of what’s achievable with a diabolo, a spool, and limitless imagination. As jugglers, we consider ourselves artists, and our goal is to reflect the world around us.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest diabolo passing patterns that will be showcased in Dame du Cirque, a performance that explores ice climbing and mountaineering.

Our project isn’t only about passing diabolos back and forth. It’s about telling a story, expressing ourselves, and discovering new creative opportunities. We drew inspiration from ice climbers and their perspectives on risk-taking and difficulty, and we incorporate those elements into our diabolo passing when we take the stage. Our diabolo passing reflects our inner selves and our connection to the world.

In Dame du Cirque, we don’t adhere to rules or limitations. We’re free to explore new themes, moods, and ideas. We experiment with various patterns, styles, and techniques to create something that evokes the same emotions as climbers discovering a new route.

We invite you to watch some of the videos from our initial passing research. We hope that they inspire you to view diabolo passing not only as a juggling feat but also as an art form that can mirror the beauty of collaboration and human connection. Our art isn’t just about what we do; it’s also about who we are and the world in which we reside.

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We’re eager to test out a diverse range of new passing patterns with a larger group of jugglers. If you’re interested in passing and would like to join us, please leave a comment.

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